Cannabis Industry Funding

Credit Funding For MMJ Businesses

Alternate financing solution utilizing personal credit profiles to gain funding. This program is a fee for service that does not require collateral, financials or tax returns. Pre-qualification is free and takes a few minutes. Funding ranges from $5k-$150k. Obtained through unsecured lines of credit.

Qualification & Credit For The Following Categories

  • Home-growers
  • Lighting
  • Nutrients
  • Small Cultivators
  • Dispensaries
  • Goods & Services

We are one of the few resources offering credit funding to the Cannabis industry. As low as 0% interest for 12 months.

The average credit funding amount is $55,000. Free pre-qualification within minutes and no collateral required. We’ve made it easy. – Thomas J

An Alternative Solution To Traditional Lending

We utilize a credit funding partner.  We are able to offer credit funding and fast credit repair to almost anyone wanting to start or boost their business in the medical marijuana industry and there are very few requirements.

Below are the details of the credit funding we can offer…

  • From $25,000 – $150,000
  • As low as 0% interest for 12 months
  • Pre-qualify within minutes
  • Money is available as quick as 10-15 business days upon approval
  • No collateral required
  • Available to start ups and existing businesses

The average credit funding file has been closing at $55,000.

Is There A Catch? How Is This Possible?

The MMJ market is growing so fast, and people who start in it are making so much money, that almost no one is having a problem paying the money back.

We are able to utilize personal credit profiles to gain funding.

How Do I Apply? Use Our Easy Online Form

Have questions before you fill out the short form? Call and talk to Thomas or one of our members at (503) 420-8378

Cannabis Business Credit Funding Form

Use the form below to send us details about yourself or company. We’ll call or email you back with information on applying. Super easy.