Google Ranking

Google Ranking & SEO For MMJ Businesses & Dispensaries

I’m Thomas, you can read about me on my LinkedIn profile. I do chain store, single store and international store expansion for anyone who can afford it through Google ranking. Getting your MMJ clinic and business found in Google for search phrases.

Let’s pretend you have dispensary in Oregon in Portland, I can get your dispensary found in Google and other search engines in the top organic search listings.

  • marijuana dispensary portland
  • MMJ clinic portland
  • MMJ dispensary portland
  • 420 clinics in portland
  • dispensary in portland
  • portland dispensary

The combined traffic from the above search phrases would be over 7,000 per month in visitors, if they all clicked the top link in Google.

I do not do cross competition, so if I am already ranking one business in Portland, I could not rank a second business in the same category in the same city.

Call me at 503-420-8379 to get details and ask questions. You can email me at as well.

What’s The Benefit Of Getting Google Ranking For A Dispensary?

The value of getting the #1 position in Google for keywords like the ones above for your city would be immense. Check out these stats..

  • The average lifetime value of a new customer is about $3,750 (calculated using statistics on a 5 year estimate from Mass Roots
  • If 80% of those 7000 Google searches clicked the top organic link that is 5,600 visitors per month
  • If 1 out of 20 of those visitors turned into new customers that is 280 new customers each month
  • 280 new customers is an worth an estimated lifetime value of $1,050,000 dollars over a 5 year loyalty estimate (not to mention word of mouth referrals)
  • That would mean that after a year of being in business in the top ranked position for Portland, the #1 Marijuana clinic is pulling an estimated $12,600,000 in lifetime value income and about $2,520,000 in new income each year.

So being #1 for a search term like ‘marijuana dispensary phoenix’ or ‘marijuana dispensary miami’ would have close to similar results and value.

How Much Does It Cost?

Real SEO is a very in depth process, and outranking existing competition can be very hard but completely possible. It takes hundreds of hours of research, planning and implementation. Everything from page speed, to content writing and color and wordsmith psychology go into a real campaign.

The cost to get those kind of results for existing dispensaries or other MMJ businesses varies based on the competition level in each city and the population of the city. It’s not cheap and takes hundreds of hours of time.