Arizona Schools Support

Arizona Schools Support

November 2016 will be the voting month to decide. Read statements below from leaders of local school district governing boards.

Arizona School Officials Throw Support Behind Prop. 205

Statements below from leaders of local school district governing boards; officials are pointing to the success of a similar voter-approved law in Colorado, where marijuana tax revenues have exceeded predictions, schools are receiving the marijuana tax revenue that was promised, and the rate of teen marijuana use has remained unchanged and on par with national average

New video ad featuring local teacher, mother, and grandmother — viewable at — notes that raising money for schools ‘isn’t the only reason to regulate and tax marijuana, but it’s a good reason’

PHOENIX and TUCSON, Ariz. — Several Arizona school officials threw their support behind Prop. 205 on Thursday, highlighting the much-needed revenue that will be raised for K-12 education if voters approve the initiative to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol.

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