We Found A Printing Company

We Found A Printing Company

We officially have found a solid printing press to do our printing for us, who’s owner is passionate about our cause.

Green Times Printing Company

Green Times Members

I recently met with the owner of a well known printing company in Clearwater Beach, FL (www.gentryprinting.com) and we now have our official printing company for all our Green Times stationary, accessories and gear, including hats, shirts and other apparel. – Thomas

Gentry was one of the first printers to go green with vegetable based inks and recycled paper on request. They are friendly, caring and treat their customers like family.

Green Times Group is having the models for the products drawn up now and will post them as soon as they are available.

We currently have in the process all high quality

  • General & VIP ID badges for events
  • Business cards, envelopes and stationary/notepads
  • Mugs
  • Flex Fit Hats
  • Dry Fit Athletic T-Shirts
  • Nice Handbags
  • Pimp Pens

And of course, the model for the actual Green Times Magazine, which looks AMAZING. We’re going to show it here…